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    Fresh Coast Capital: Revitalizing communities through innovative and sustainable investment solutions
  • Land Program
    Fresh Coast’s Vacant Land Program partners with cities to install and finance park-like working landscapes that revitalize vacant land
  • Infrastructure Program
    Fresh Coast’s Green Infrastructure Program partners with cities to prioritize stormwater management alongside community, environmental and economic outcomes

Fresh Coast Capital revitalizes unused urban land into networks of productive green space that help the community and promote resiliency.

Recent News & Press

Img: along@kcstar.org

Tree farm will sprout on blighted urban KC land

Chicago-based Fresh Coast Capital, which was promoting the urban tree farm concept with the Land Bank, announced last week that it has secured an initial $1 million investment...
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Img: abc12.com

Investment will develop vacant lots into tree farms, green space

Turning vacant land into viable green-space is the goal as a $1 million investment in six cities, including Flint, was announced by the White House on Wednesday....
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Img: businessjournaldaily.com

Fresh Coast Capital to Reclaim City Park Lands

Fresh Coast Capital announced Thursday that the $1 million fund would invest in 60 acres of pilot projects in Youngstown, St. Louis, Kansas City, Mo., Elkhart, Ind., and Battle Creek and Flint, Mich....
Full Story at BusinessJournalDaily.com  

Guest Post

4 Tips to Help You Go Green for Earth Day 2016

Want to do your part to help this Earth Day? There are many things you can do. Success is not all-or-nothing.
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What We Do

Help Your

  • City saves money because Fresh Coast maintains properties
  • Operating business increases city tax base
  • Vacant land reuse creates livable spaces to attract and retain residents
  • City meets EPA regulations for stormwater management

Help Your

  • Jobs for local contractors, engineering partners, and nonprofit partners
  • Property value improvements
  • Lower crime
  • Health benefits
  • Educational programming opportunities
  • Expanded urban agriculture

Help Your

  • Stormwater and green infrastructure
  • Climate resiliency
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Soil & groundwater remediation

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